5 Easy Mid-Century Modern DIYs to Do this Weekend

The Mid-century modern style was influential between the 1930s and the 1960s, but the look has come back in a big way the past few years. Sleek lines, tapered legs and a minimalist approach to design are key in the Mad Men-esque Mid-century look, as are muted colors and textured fabrics like vinyl and suede.

Plant the Idea

One of the best aspects of Mid-century design is that you can seamlessly incorporate it into nearly any decor style.

If you have a green thumb (or, you simply pick houseplants that you can’t kill), why not show them off with an eye-catching pedestal? This affordable DIY from Sugar and Cloth doesn’t take any special tools and can even be completed before the rest of the family wakes up in the morning. Buy a few sizes of tapered legs (you can find these online or at most hardware stores)

Night Stand

We adore this vintage night stand from Visual Heart. This DIY was made by finding a piece with good bones at a thrift store and repainting and refinishing to give it an updated look.

While you could create this stand fairly easily with a few pieces of measured plywood and some nails, a little hunting at your neighborhood’s next garage sale could pay off just as well. If you find a piece without an open space for books, you can easily remove a drawer to create a little nook to store.

Perfect for Small Spaces

It’s clear why designers and decor enthusiasts are drawn to Mid-century style—even adding a single piece or two can liven up a space.

This DIY was created to live as a plant stand, but we think it could also be great for those tight corners you struggle to fill. A gloriously scented candle or a vase full of flowers atop this chic stand is perfect for a small apartment or a tight entryway. While this project requires a power drill and a bit more elbow grease, we think the payoff is worth.

Go Bigger

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been coveting a Mid-century sofa or chair for ages but just haven’t made the leap yet. While you may be wary of DIY-ing your couch (though it can totally be done!), starting with a chair is an easy way to test out the look without a ton of commitment.

A Perfect Coffee Table

If you don’t want to alter your couch or your chairs, adding a Mid-century coffee table can still give the space a vintage modern feel. This DIY from Jamie Bartlett looks neither cheap nor homemade—but fortunately for us, it’s both! We love the simple nature of the piece and how it allows for your own personalized coffee table accessories.