Cute DIY Birthday Card Ideas

For a special handmade touch, opt to make your next birthday card rather than pick up a generic store-bought card. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the effort and become awestruck by your talent (no need to tell them just how easy it was to make!). Check out these 10 ideas that range from simple and beautiful to quirky and clever.

Easy DIY Birthday Cards Using Minimal Supplies

Many crafters want to make their own birthday cards to give to their friends but simply don’t have the time or money for expensive supplies. Kristina Werner to the rescue!

Dino Boy Birthday Card

Almost every little boy or girl goes through a “dinosaur” phase. Make this cute dino card to celebrate their interest and special day.

Paper Balloon Happy Birthday Card

Make a birthday card that is beautiful and looks much more complicated to make than it is. Paper dyes help give the lettering and paper balloons a professional edge. This craft project is a card that everyone would appreciate and love to receive.

Easy Sprinkles Lollipop Card Tutorial

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore sprinkles! Why not add some fun to a birthday card? Paper lollipops are covered with sprinkles and glued onto a matching card. How cute! The inner child in all of us will just love a birthday greeting like this!

DIY Letterboard Birthday Cards

The letterboard design trend is going strong. Make a card using a sentiment that is personalized for the recipient in this cute style. How trendy!

Mini Washi Tape Cards and Envelopes

Washi tape has got to be one of the best inventions ever! Add some cute tape to your greeting card craft, and you will have a beautiful card in an instant! So easy and so much fun!

Free Printable Pom Birthday Card

Celebrate a birthday with this adorable pom pom ice cream cone card. White House Crafts offers a free printable and tutorial for this card project.

DIY Embroidered Cards

Add some craftiness to your birthday card projects with embroidery. When you finish the embroidery, attach some fabric tags to keep up the handmade theme. Lovely!

Black Background DIy Birthday Card

Try something different for your next diy card project. Most cards are made with white paper. This time use black paper for a dramatic twist.Your friends will appreciate the effort you put in to give them a card that is unique!

Tulle Birthday Balloon Card

A shaker card has a clear panel on the front and is filled with materials that move around when shaken. This adorable birthday card features a balloon on the front that is covered with tulle and filled with confetti. The birthday recipient will treasure this keepsake card!