DIYs to Display Your Photos

These handmade cement letter photo holders would be the perfect way to display your favorite Instagram shots from your latest weekend getaway. To make your own pick what you want to spell, such as yay and use quick dry cement in a silicone letter try with some gold wire and paint to make your own photo holders.

DIY Gold Leaf Corners Frame

If you are looking for an easy way to make those bland photo frames you have lying around your house you can add some chic metallic detailing by applying gold leaf to the corners of the frame to beautifully frame your favorite photograph in your home.

DIY Wooden Ball Photo Holder

Pick up some 2″ wood balls from the craft store and cut a small slit to hold a photo upright on your desk for a cute modern photo holder that you can decorate with paint in your favorite colors.

DIY Oversized Tiled Photo Artwork

Getting a large scale photo prints can be expensive, but there is an affordable alternative, take one photo and print it at home using serval sheets of photo paper printing one part of the photo on each piece of paper. When the printed pages are hung together in a grid format you end up with an englarged version of photo that looks spectular on your walls.

DIY Mini Polaroid Photo Frames

Display your favorite picture of you and your best friend in a wooden polaroid frame with a wood block base.

DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Make the most of your wall space by crafting your own photo wall hanging using several of your recent phone pictures.

DIY Wooden Photo Frame

Experiment with a wood burning tool on natural wood frames you can purchase at craft stores to create your own unique designs by burning the design onto the frame.

DIY Mini Photo Magnets

For your friend’s birthday surprise them with a thoughtful gift of a set of mini photo magnets for so they can hang the various photos from your time spent hanging out together on their fridge.

DIY Photo Coasters

Add some beautiful handmade photo coasters to your coffee table made by decoratingcork coasters with your photographs. This easy DIY is a great way to spark conversation with new friends you have over by discussing your photos and the unique coasters are also a great way to identify everyone’s drink. Before you use your coasters make sure to protect the photographs with vinyl type or laminating plastic to keep water off the photos.