How to Gift Wrap Fresh Flowers Like a Pro

One of the nicest gifts you can give someone is a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are the type of gift that most people will truly appreciate. Flowers are inexpensive but beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you purchase them in the grocery store, florist or if they come from your garden. A beautiful bouquet makes a lovely and thoughtful gift.

Take care when planning your floral presentation. Make sure to coordinate your tissue papers and ribbons with the colors of your flowers. The extra bit of effort will make your flower bouquet go from ordinary to spectacular.

Supplies Needed:

  • Heavy duty wrapping paper or Kraft Paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Ribbon or raffia
  • (optional) Stapler
  • (optional)  Bone Folder

Cut Wrapping Paper to Size and Place Face Down on Table

  • Cut the wrapping paper into a 20-inch by 26-inch rectangle. Sometimes you may have to use a bigger sized sheet if your bouquet is extra large.
  • Place the wrapping paper face down on your table.
  • Place tissue paper onto the wrapping paper covering the entire back.

Position the Flowers Diagonally Onto the Wrapping Paper

  • Place the wrapping or kraft paper face down onto your work surface.
  • Turn the sheet diagonally so that a point is on top.
  • Cover with a square of tissue paper, making sure the tissue paper covers the wrapper accurately.
  • Slide the tissue paper over the point so that an inch of tissue paper is over the top of the pointed edge. The tissue paper will peek out over the edge of the wrapper when the flowers are wrapped adding a pretty contrast to the floral presentation.
  • Arrange the bouquet in your hand, Place the greenery on the bottom and the flowers on top in an attractive arrangement. It may be difficult at first, but holding the bouquet in your hand becomes easier with practice.
  • Place the flowers onto the tissue paper diagonally as in the photo above.
  • Double check the position of the flowers in your bouquet and make any necessary adjustments.

Fold the Wrapping Paper Around the Bouquet

Fold the left corner of the outside wrapper and tissue paper diagonally towards the center as in the photo above. Be careful not to wrinkle the wrapper or tissue paper underneath.

A Quick Tip: Running a bone folder over the crease will give it a clean crisp edge.

Fold the Wrapper and Secure With Tape

Fold the left corner once again over the flowers and secure with clear tape.

Fold the Right Corner of the Wrapper Diagonally Towards the Center

Fold the right corner of the wrapper and tissue paper diagonally towards the center as in the photo above.

Secure the Back of the Wrapped Floral Bouquet With Tape

Wrap the right corner once again over the flowers and secure to the back of the package with clear tape.

(Optional) Use a stapler to secure your floral package.

Fold the Bottom Over and Secure With Tape

The floral wrapper will have a point at the bottom. Turn the flower package over, fold the point up and secure with tape.

Tie Pretty String or Raffia Around the Wrapped Bouquet

Tie a pretty matching string, ribbon or raffia around the floral package.

Give your beautifully wrapped flowers to someone and watch them smile with delight! You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to give the object of your affections a gift of flowers. Make someone’s day today.